Finding Daisies

Over sharing, truthfully funny, and a bit naughty words from a small town wife.


  • Charleys and brothers are home today! pets petsofinstagram dog cathellip
  • My cute little prickle pickle Charley is not the biggesthellip
  • Why Hello Weekend! Bring on the husband and baby snuggles!hellip
  • Charley Jane Miller was born Saturday November 11th at 810hellip
  • Baby girl you will be born this month! November 13thhellip
  • Its SPOOKY how similar my cat Milo and I arewehellip
  • Happy Halloween Less than two weeks away from baby girlshellip
  • The snow today had me day dreaming about all ofhellip
  • Thankful  Grateful  Blessed home homedecor house excited fallhellip
  • Rock a bye baby in the tree topbaby girl yourhellip